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Nowadays, more and more clothing and accessories manufacturers are behind the cause of ethical and sustainable fashion. These clothing brands make sure that the raw materials in their products come from recycling, waste and / or do not undergo chemical treatment.
Sewing does not take place in Asian sweatshops, where women and child workers work under inhumane conditions, for low wages, but under ethical conditions, often at home.

ETRE want to be a brand that aims at the health of the person: our products are all environmentally friendly and organic. We are proud to take a direction that is increasingly relevant today, not only in the fashion sector.

The brand has also joined the Fashion Revolution Hungary campaign and follows the principles of transparency, ethics, and social responsibility.



All the products are made in Hungary by domestic workers. For us it is very important to ensure safe, dignified working conditions and living wages for the people working in her factory.
We provided the worker’s special social care during the pandemic situation too. She allows them to work according to their present circumstances (special working shifts for the young mothers and those, who have to take care of their children at home due to the closed educational institutions, schools, kindergarten).
We are going to increase the capacity of the factory involving more working power to contribute to the development of our region in the industry.


ÊTRE Organic Underwear is made of the only plan-based, eco-friendly materials. All of the components (fabric, yarn, trimmings, label) have a quality certificate: OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which guarantees for the user that during the whole process no chemicals are used. The basic collection is made from fabrics, consisting of 46% bamboo, 46% organic cotton, and 8% elastane (for flexibility of the fabric).

The proper packing is very important for the brand; it is an elegant but simple carton box designed with an ecological concept in mind. Also, the logo which looks like a green postmark refers to the sustainable traits of the product and the used materials. In the supply chain of the brand only those partners are involved, who can confirm and certify the sustainable production of their materials.