Motivation and professionalism // Story of the ETRE Organic Underwear and its owner

Family background and first connection with clothing

I was born in Kapuvár in the heart of Rábaköz and I have been living here with my family, with my husband and with our 2 children.

I learned in the local grammar school and I started working immediately after graduation. In 1994 I got a position at the Triumph Clothing Company, which was the biggest Triumph plant of Triumph in Hungary. I decided to learn all the production processes of the underwear, and for several years I worked in norm at the production line.

The sewing was not far from me, since my mother worked as textile technician as team leader in the Richards Fine Felt Factory, which was well-known in Hungary and it had a „golden ages” during this time. My mother used to bring me samples of materials when I was a child, and I used to sew baby clothes on my own little sewing machine. In the meantime, in particular I liked the lingerie industry, so I decided to follow my mother's footsteps in my education too, so I got a certificate in sewing and then I graduated in textile technology.

I got married in 1998 and I planned my future also during the mother care period, I constantly trained myself and I took a secondary language exam in German.

Working background

After returning to work I got the opportunity by the management to gain more insight into the production processes as a pre-production professional and I was involved in the business contacts, correspondence and translation of technical specifications. I really enjoyed my job, as it was a real challenge for me. Nevertheless, after a few years I had to move on, so I continued to work in the DÁMA Textile Cooperative in Győr, which was also Triumph's job work plant for more than 20 years.

Unfortunately, in 2013 Triumph terminated its wage contract with the company and during the six-month notice period I tried to find new business partners for the cooperative. Sample production has started, but six months were not enough to start a new process there. So in 2013 the co-operative ceased to exist and I became a self-employed person, I bought machines from Triumph and I had to go on this rough road alone. In September 2013 we reached an agreement with a Spanish company for production of lingerie. I was able to guarantee the high quality for the company and I built up the capacity for this production step by step.

New brand was born

After a year we produced abt.7.000 pieces of underwear per month, and thanks to the continuous development we founded ECO-VILL-TEXT Ltd with my husband in 2016.

With such a production facility and background we continued to build the future of the company and I believe that our new brand, the ETRE Organic Underwear will fulfil my dreams that it can meet all the requirements to protect the health of customers and Earth. I learned the Hungarian Technical and Scientific Society of the Textile Industry and they were very pleased to help me to build up new connections and in this way I met Dr.Gabriella Mányi Walek, President of the National Fashion League Hungary, who is dealing with many sustainable fashion designers and brand and she also saw very good potential in Hungary and outside for the ETRE Organic Underwear brand.

For further information please, check the interview: National Fashion League Hungary | Interview with Mrs.Erzsébet Tóth, managing director of ECO-VILL-TEXT Ltd.about their new, oganic men’s underwear (